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PostPosted: Wed Jun 02, 2004 10:16 pm    Post subject: The IRC Channels Reply with quote
Thought I'd just pimp the IRC channel. It's getting far too quiet.

What is IRC?

IRC is short for `Internet Relay Chat'. You can talk to other 34SP users in real time (provided we aren't all asleep.)

Using IRC

If you don't have an IRC client then you can download xchat which is free software (they do both Windows and Linux versions), or you can get mIRC there are also many other clients but these are two of the most popular. Personally I'm not fond of mIRC as it is for Windows only and is non-free ie. shareware. (The GNU people have gotten to me!)

Once you have your fabulous IRC client up and running you can then join us on the 34SP IRC server:

Port: 6667

You can use the command:


to connect to the IRC server, although you can also use the nice GUI features of your IRC client.

Once connected to the IRC server, you'll need to join a channel (a channel is like a chat room only people don't say stupid things like ``a/s/l"!). There are a couple of channels on typing /list should bring most of them up. You can join a channel by typing:

/join #channel_name

Popular Channels

The main channel is #34SP. The staff tend to sit around in this channel. However they are rarely active. If you need the help of an admin then you are usually best off e-mailing in. That said if for some reason you can't e-mail then you can wait around in this channel and grab an admin when they show up! If you're after general information then you can ask in there and a non-staff member will often have an answer for you, if not Complex_Pea! #34SP was set up for hosting related issues however we often answer more general questions (such as coding ones) I should know I ask a decent amount of them!

There is also (or .commy as I like to call it - yes I'm strange). is the official IRC channel of the 34SP Community website. The room is often used for general chit-chat.

Thirdly we have #php (founded by the rampant lick fetishist, Detritus) which has been set up to deal with PHP related discussions and coding help. Please note that we are more forthcoming with actual PHP problems than problems with 3rd party scripts. If you are a competent PHP developer than please idle in #php we're short on members! Newbies are of course equally welcome.

Information and rules

As mentioned earlier the IRC channels are not a good way of obtaining help from a member of staff (although they can be used as a last resort!) for that you are best off e-mailing in (ie. etc.)

Many web technologies have IRC channels on freenode ( However as a lot of people on freenode are stuck up and unfriendly (at least in my opinion) I don't like to send people there. However if there is no-one around who can help you with your problem I may be forced to tell you to ask there. Whist in general we are far more friendly than most channels of freenode we have our limits! Try to find an answer to your problem on the web before you ask in the IRC channels. Read the documentation! There is a guide to asking smart questions that was mainly designed for asking questions to hackers on freenode, but it still raises some important points and is probably worth a quick read.

With regards to help with HTML we don't mind helping people out but we are not here to offer you free web design. - You must be willing to learn! If you want to have web design or coding done for you then I suggest you offer us (or someone else) some money for doing so, and those sorts of services don't come cheap! Also if you have problems with some HTML code I highly suggest that you validate it! I personally will not help you debug invalid code! This is because invalid code can act quite irrational. I don't mind assisting you to make it valid though.

If you want to show us large amounts of code, don't paste it into the channel. Use a pastebin!

Be sure not to pay attention to any anti-Complex_Pea propaganda you may come across. (Complex_Pea is the bot I run in #34SP it's fairly useful I think whilst causing minimal annoyance. - When ever you want to know what the path to perl is etc. you just have to ask it!) The people who don't like Complex_Pea are probably jealous! Many of them run their own Complex_Pea-imitation-bots!!! Or are just terminally grumpy! :-P
(Watch the flaming this gets! I should mention that I say that in a light-hearted way. The #34SP guys know I think they're all ace really, even if they don't love the fantastic pea!)

TossBot on the other hand is crap, feel free to abuse it. For help using Complex_Pea simply type !help in the channel.

Just because people are in the channel doesn't mean they are at their keyboards! Some people even leave their computers on over night! The channel is most active during the British
daytime. And can be very quiet in the early hours. If you don't get an immediate answer to your question then wait around. It doesn't hurt to leave your IRC client running whilst you do other things!

Always try to be polite and avoid swearing. Even if you're frustrated. Remember that most of us aren't paid for helping you out!

That all said I hope to see you on IRC soon!

By the way on IRC I use the alias `Lord_Odd_Eye'.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2004 10:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
You can get help from us staff in #34sp - we're normally there during the day and you might even get lucky in the evenings and at night!

/me makes this post sticky.
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