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PostPosted: Fri Feb 20, 2009 1:50 pm    Post subject: AlbionEurasiers Reply with quote
Ok, I've never really put any of my designs up for others opinion but here we go,

whats peoples thoughts on ?

Help SAVE East Winch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please help us save our local community:

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 6:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
It looks okay, but perhaps it could use a bit of polish.
I've jotted down a few pointers for you, in no particular order...
  • Your home page is full of markup errors. In particular, you seem to have <html>, <body> and <head> tags scattered all over the place.

  • I can tell that you developed this site in Internet Explorer, because that's the only browser that will convert backslashes ("\") into forward slashes ("/") in URLs. If you visit the home page in any other browser, the third image down on the right side of the page will be missing. As will the photo of Stacey Watkins. Before you do anything else, install Firefox and use that to check your website instead. Get the developer tools add-on too. It's very useful.

  • Every page starts with the same bunch of photographs. Every time I visit a new page, I have to scroll down past the exact same photos to read the actual content. It's a time-wasting annoyance.

  • You're using too many fonts — Courier for the top menu, a stroked serif font for the "Albion Eurasiers" header graphic, a handwriting font underneath that, and then the default browser font for the rest of the page (this will be serif in some browsers, sans-serif in others). This makes the pages look untidy and unplanned.

  • A bit of copy editing might be a good idea too. (e.g., "Contact US"->"Contact Us", "Let me introduce us"->"Let us (me?) introduce ourselves (myself?)", "I hope you enjoy you visit to my site."->"I hope you enjoy your visit to my site."

  • The content of your guestbook is partially obscured by the menu on the left of the page, making it unreadable.

  • The gallery, blog and show results pages have completely different designs. (Two of them are even hosted on different domains. Why?) At the very least, make sure these pages contain a link back to the main website. If possible, try to stick with a consistent site design and menu layout.

  • On the gallery page, the gallery description for each gallery consists of the words "Gallery Description". It should be possible to replace this default text with something more descriptive.

Phil Ronan
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